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Full CheckUp For Your Business:

Think that you go to a doctor periodically for checkups. He checks laboratory results for known diseases and unusual outcomes. If he finds something odd, he extends the tests and finds the reason and prescribe for the cure if possible. This process is called Penetration Test.

But you may vulnerable against to an undiscovered sickness or weakness unique to your DNA. No check-up can find it. So you should seek to Full Stack Security Research as an advanced laboratory work concentrated to your full IT infrastructure stack, to resolve undiscovered vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your corporate.

Core differences of FSSR:

Penetration Tests can get executed by any certified operator.
FSSR requires deep expertise and high technical skills.
Penetration Tests are more concentrated on rule checks.
FSSR is concentrates on attacks and possible outcomes.
Penetration Tests are for routine controls.
FSSR is for security advancement and intelligence race.
Penetration Tests are prescribes the protection.
FSSR teaches how to protect yourself regarding your weaknesses.

Penetration tests saves $1.01 million on average.

FSSR saves $2.8 million on average as best security intelligence option.

Source: Cost of Cyber Crime Study by Accenture