Enterprise Protection For Your Business:

Croaltrap Forensics enables you to evaluate activities of a potential attacker and rapidly and effectively lead an inside to out legal examination of suspected malevolent system security epidemics. CoralTrap Forensics diminishes the time it takes security groups to explore attacking vectors, as decreasing time span from days to hours—or even minutes. It can likewise enable you to remediate a system security vulnerability and keep it from happening once more.

Reproduce information in a security assault

Revamp information associated with a security occurrence to get a point by point, well ordered perspective of the offense.

Backtrack a digital criminal's strides

Backtrack the activities of digital culprits to give profound bits of knowledge into the effect of an interruption and help avoid reoccurrence.

Spare time and lower costs

IT security groups can rapidly and effortlessly lead an exhaustive legal examination and gain perceivability to the points of interest behind a security rupture, with no extraordinary abilities or preparing.